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TDF-Room Aircon Cleaning
TDF-Filter Cleaning
TDF-flter Cleaning
TDF offer comprehensive air-conditioning cleaning service.

From home use to air conditioning in large facilities
We undertake the cleaning of all air conditioners.

1) Cleaning the air conditioner for home use

2) Cleaning of commercial air conditioning equipment

3) Commercial ventilation fan cleaning

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Q. Why do I need to clean the air conditioner?

A. There are three important reasons for that.

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1. Saving electricity bills

TDF can save up to about 10% power usage after cleaning a dirty air conditioner. If it's dirty, you'll have to work harder than usual to cool or heat the air, and more wasted power will be used!

3. Long-lasting air conditioner life

Regularly cleaned air conditioners will last much longer than uncleaned air conditioners. If you buy a new car and have never repaired it, life can be easily reduced by up to 75%. The air conditioner is the same.

This is not well known and it is believed that cleaning the filter is sufficient. In fact, cleaning the filter is just "basic maintenance". The entire head unit should also be cleaned after regular use.

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Evenings by Appointment

Ceiling cassette type 4-way blowout Commercial air conditioner

After masking  4way Airconditiner
TDFVENFAN cleaning
Ventilation fan cleaning Parts

Filter cleaning

Filters Cleaning in various type of Airconditiner's

All air conditioners that are used on a regular basis are infected with "microbial contamination" such as fungi, molds and bacteria. The air conditioner is the best environment for such pollutants and floats in the air every time the air conditioner is switched on. This is a bad environment for people with asthma, allergies, children and the weak. TDF uproots and cleans microbial contamination, providing a healthy airy environment.

2. Prevent the growth of mold and fungi
Filter cleaning, Supper dirty filter

Please leave the air conditioner cleaning to our company!


At Tokyo Dust Free, our motto is kindness and politeness, and we provide services that satisfy our customers. We will thoroughly disassemble and high-pressure wash the dirt inside the air conditioner that cannot be removed by normal cleaning by yourself.



Room Aircon
200V Room Aircon

We provide safe and secure services unique to air conditioner cleaning specialty stores.

Since it is possible to wash (deep cleaning) to the point where it cannot be washed by normal cleaning, it is possible to remove odors and maintain a clean interior.

In addition, it is an eco-friendly cleaning that is suitable for children and people with allergies, so you can use it with confidence.

Air conditioner cleaning work process


1. Curing of furniture around the air conditioner- ( about 5 minutes)

To prevent dirt from being scattered around while cleaning the air conditioner, cover it with a curing sheet around the work such as walls, floors, and sofas.

2. Disassembly of air conditioner-  (About 10 minutes)

Carefully remove the air conditioner cover, filter, etc. When disassembled, you will be able to clean even the heat exchanger part (aluminum fin) that you cannot normally see.

3. Curing of the air conditioner base- (about 5 minutes)

Carefully cure the base part, which is the heart of the air conditioner, so that it does not get wet. This is because if the base part gets wet, it may cause an electric leakage or a short circuit. Install a vinyl saucer firmly under the air conditioner and adjust so that the sewage that comes out when cleaning the air conditioner collects in the bucket placed on the floor .


4. Cleaning fins and fans- (about 10 minutes)

After curing, start cleaning the inside of the air conditioner. When cleaning the inside, spray detergent on the entire inside of the air conditioner.

Use an alkaline detergent that removes dirt well, or a chlorine-based detergent that is effective against mold. Dirt that cannot be removed with a commercially available air conditioner cleaner can be removed at once. To finish, spray an antifungal agent,

5. Cleaning with a high pressure washer- (about 25 minutes)

After spraying the detergent, use a high-pressure washer dedicated to the air conditioner to thoroughly clean the dirt that has adhered to the back of the aluminum fins.

Thoroughly clean the fungi that cause unpleasant odors, and rinse thoroughly until the dirty water turns into indelible water. Then turn on the air conditioner and let the inside dry.


6. Cleaning parts-  About 15 minutes)

Clean the removed parts (filter, cover, unit, etc.). We will rent a place such as a bathroom or a balcony to clean the parts. Wash off dust and dirt with a high pressure washer. Carefully wash and dry every detail to prevent the recurrence of mold.


7. Assembling the air conditioner- (about 15 minutes)

After cleaning the inside and parts of the air conditioner and drying it, assemble the unit, cover, and filter, and check the operation. When you can confirm that the cooling and heating work normally, the work is completed.

TDF-天井埋込ダクト形 業務用エアコン
TDF-天井カセット形1方向吹出 業務用エアコン

Ceiling cassette type 4-way blowout for business use
Air conditioner

Ceiling embedded duct type for business use      
Air conditioner

Ceiling cassette type 1-way blowout for business use      
Air conditioner

TDF-床置形 業務用エアコン
TDF-天井吊形 業務用エアコン
ビルトイン形 業務用エアコン

Built-in type commercial air conditioner

Ceiling hanging type commercial air conditioner

Floor-standing commercial air conditioner

General air conditioner

Wall-mounted embedded type 

Large wall-mounted air conditioner 

Air conditioner with function  200V

Ventilation fan cleaning

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